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Fees and Prices

A free consultation is provided in all cases, after this if you wish to proceed I'll ask for a deposit of half the research fee, with the balance to be paid on completion of the research.

If you would like a free consultation, this form can be used to provide the background information for the research: (PDF version) / (WORD version)

Please note that my research fees include the cost of birth/marriage and sometimes death certificates, which I will obtain and cross reference to prove your ancestry. Beware of cheaper services which do not include these essential records; picking out a likely looking family from the censuses-only can result in inaccuracies, and you might end up with someone else's ancestors!

Research Options:

For all of the following research options I will obtain a number of birth, marriage and death certificates for your direct ancestors in order to prove your lineage, and will also search for the family in the 1841 - 1911 censuses, cross-referencing these sources to ensure accurate and robust research results.

The research will typically take around 2-3 months,regular emails during the course of the research mean that you can see your family tree growing, and provide opportunities for you to interact with the research process.

These research packages are suitable for English, Welsh and Scottish families.
Please contact me for a quote should you wish to include an Irish family.

At the end of the research you will receive:

A number of birth, marriage and death certificates, as specified below
(worth £ 9.25 each). These essential documents are obtained to prove your ancestry.

Information from the 1841-1911 censuses for the family showing the whole household including children, their addresses, ages, places of birth and occupations

Details of baptisms, marriages and burials from parish registers (where available).

A hardcopy research report, detailing research steps, sources and conclusions.

A4 size Family Tree diagram(s) printed on antique look Parchment Paper.

PDF copies of the research report, narrative(where ordered) and family tree(s) to distribute as you wish.

Option 1:
One surname line, researched back to the early 1800s - £240:

Contents as above, includes up to 8 birth/death/marriage certificates. Example tree

Option 2:
Two surname lines researched back to the early 1800s - £360:

Contents as above, includes up to 16 birth/death/marriage certificates, and two family trees. If you would like me to research two lines of your family tree at the same time, then this option would be suitable. This could, for instance, be your mother's and father's surnames.

Option 3:
One line (surname) of your family, researched back to the early 1800s, plus written family history - £340 :

I'll trace one line of your family tree, from a given starting point back to the early 1800s, resulting in a family tree which would typically cover five or six generations.

I'll then combine these results with information about the places your ancestors lived, their occupations, and historical events which would have impacted their lives, to produce a detailed, and readable, written story of the family, which is sure to be enjoyed for generations to come: here's an example. This research option may also include (subject to availibility), details of military service, immigration records, wills and probate documents, occupational records, etc.

Option 4:
Full Ancestry, researched back to 16 great-great-grandparents -
Sorry, currently unavailable

This option includes upto 21 birth, death or marriage certificates. Using the same sources as above to produce an ancestry chart - example.

Additional Information:

My rate for ad-hoc research is £14.00 per hour. Note, that in the rare instances that your ancestors cannot be traced, I will reduce the research fee pro-rata, or continue tracing back another line, with your agreement.

I will always refer as far as possible to original sources, and will obtain birth and marriage certificates to prove your ancestry, the cost of these important records is included in the package prices.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and have agreed to adhere to their code of of ethics.